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Lockwell Van Security is a professional van installation and consultation company which has been finding van security solutions for a wide range of clients in Kent for over 25 years.


We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and competitive prices. 


We are Checkatrade approved and have received numerous positive reviews from our satisfied clients. 

We encourage you to read our reviews and also to get in touch if you need any advice, assistance or even just want to chat about the security options available. 

We are not able to offer emergency locksmith services.

Yes, a 1 year guarantee is provided on S-series locks and a 3 year guarantee is provided on T-series locks.

Not at all. With our mobile fitting service we can be at your home or place of work to install your van locks at your convenience. We work from prior arranged bookings so please let us know how we can help you and we can make suitable arrangements.

Generally yes you do have a choice. There are several types of key (depending upon your van lock). We will provide you with these keys upon installation of your new van lock. We recommend that the driver keeps a spare key on their person, especially if you have chosen to go with a slamlock. This is just in case you accidentally lock yourself out.

This is dependent upon your van security requirements, based on your situation. We generally advise couriers and people who want to lock their van doors more frequently to choose slamlocks. This is because slamlocks do not need a key, and can save time if the door is being  locked to leave the vehicle secure in order to deliver goods. Deadlocks are advised in situations where vehicles are being left over a period of time or if more security is needed to keep expensive equipment on board. Even though there may be no equipment stored in your van, thieves may still attempt to break in and find out for themselves.


Thieves have no way of knowing what is inside of your van and may break in with the hope of finding equipment or tools. Even if you haven’t got anything in your van, it can cause a lot of expense and disruption to you and your business by having to replace locks and even doors damaged by the break in.

This is a possibility if you leave your keys in your van prior to closing the door. We do supply three keys with your new slamlock, and always advise keeping keys in different locations to avoid locking yourself out entirely.

Yes, apart from fitting van locks, it is important that you follow as many security best practices as possible to secure your van. For example; ensure that you have no expensive equipment left in your van overnight or for long periods of time. Sometimes purchasing a sticker to inform potential thieves that ‘no tools left in van’ can be a deterrent, although we do not advise you to rely upon this. Parking your van in well-lit areas and in the presence of CCTV is another best practice recommendation we advise upon. Ultimately though, there is nothing better than extra lock security because thieves who are determined to break in will have to contend with this higher level of security and the associated risk of stealing your van or its content will go up for them.

  • Deadlocks
  • Slamlocks
  • Slam handles
  • Statement locks
  • Ultimate locks
  • Replocks
  • External handle Shields
  • Internal handle shields
  • Wiring loom guards
  • OBD Port protectors
  • Anti-peel brackets
  • Internal latch shields
  • Internal mechanism shields
  • External latch shields
  • ECU shield
  • Ignition shield

This will depend upon your insurance provider policy. Make sure you read your policy provisions and if in doubt, please contact your insurance provider for these details. From our experience, we understand that some insurance companies recognise the benefits of having extra security in place in the form of additional locks, but not all insurance companies will comply with this.

Having van deadlocks installed on your van significantly increases the security level. We fit hook-locking deadlocks as standard, where possible, which are a stronger option than bolt-locking deadlocks. 

All installations we carry out are bespoke to your van and also the type of van security lock you decide to go with. Please get in touch for further advice and to book a fitting.

As each installation is bespoke we are able to advise and install the best van security solution to fit your situation. Please get in touch and let us know your van make/model for further information.

It is possible to break into vans that are fitted with deadlocks, although this type of attack would take significantly longer compared to OE (Original Equipment) standard manufacturer locks. The prolonged noise and disturbance necessary to break in can really deter thieves from making an attempt to begin with. 

This greatly depends on the van model you have and also your specific requirements. For example, if you’re a courier or own a fleet of vans used by couriers, it may be beneficial to opt for slamlocks. These locks give the van driver the ability to lock the door just by closing it when making a delivery.This then renders the van locked and secure, without the need to use a mechanical key. Please get in touch for further advice based on your individual requirements.

This depends on what security product you choose, but a lock can be fitted on every door. There can be several fitting positions for the locks; this depends upon your requirements and also your van type and model. Generally speaking, there are 2-3  different positions for deadlocks and Statement locks and one position for slamlocks and Ultimate locks.

Wherever possible we fit deadlocks which incorporate hook locks. Sometimes this isn’t possible due to cab door types, and in some situations where the age of your van doesn’t allow for these modifications. If you are in doubt, please contact us with information on your van make and model so that we can advise you which solution would be best. 

The ultimate lock and the Statement lock are generally most secure. These are then followed by the deadlock. Slam handles are next most secure, followed by the slam lock.

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